LEIFHEIT Ironing Board Airboard Compact [S/M]


Model: 72584 (S) | 72585 (M)

  • Special cover with Thermo-Reflect-Technology for ironing of both sides
  • Ironing surface: 110 x 30 cm (S), 120 x 38 cm (M)
  • Ultra-light ironing
  • Adjustable height: 95 cm
  • Stable frame with transport lock and flexible mechanism to compensate for uneven floors
  • Suitable for conventional irons and steam irons
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The Leifheit Air Board Compact made with special Thermo-Reflect technology cover reflects steam and heat from the iron instead of allowing it to soak through the ironing surface. It also have double-sided ironing effect that helps ironed both sides at the same time. This reduces ironing time by up to a third and laundry is visibly smoother.

Opening and closing the Air Board Compact is easy as it is equipped with an ironing surface made from a special ultra-light plastic. This makes the Air Board Compact lighter than any other conventional expanded metal ironing board. The ironing surface is 110 x 30 cm (S), 120 x 38 cm (M) and rests on a completely stable frame that can stabilise on uneven floors. It is height adjustable, and the board can be raised to a maximum working height of 95 cm. It is equipped with a fixed solid iron rest and a cable holder. Thermo-reflect technology makes this ironing board ideal for use with standard irons and steam irons.

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Small (S), Medium (M)

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