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    31 products

    Elegant Laundry Baskets and Bags: Revolutionise Your Laundry Routine

    Welcome to our collection of laundry bags and baskets, where functionality meets elegance. Discover the perfect laundry solution for every lifestyle with our premium and durable products. Upgrade your laundry game today and enjoy fast and free shipping anywhere in Singapore!

    Unleashing the Benefits of Our Laundry Bags and Baskets

    1.     Durable Materials:

    Crafted from quality and robust fabric materials, our laundry bags and baskets guarantee longevity and resilience to everyday use.

    2.     Fashionable Designs:

    Choose from various shapes and styles that match your taste and complement your room decor.

    3.     Easy to Carry:

    Sturdy yet lightweight, our laundry bags and baskets are perfect for those with large loads, providing convenience without compromising style.

    4.     A Cleaner Room:

    Maintain a neat room by providing a designated space for dirty clothes, making your space both organised and visually appealing.

    Discover the Perfect Laundry Solution for Every Lifestyle

    For Busy Professionals:

    Keep your dirty clothes organised and easily transportable to the laundry room with our stylish collection, making laundry less of a hassle!

    For Students:

    Ideal for students in dormitories or small apartments, our space-saving and easy-to-carry laundry bags and baskets are perfect for those constantly on the go.

    For Stay-at-Home Parents:

    Simplify your laundry routine and spend more time with your family by organising your dirty clothes with our laundry bags and baskets.

    For People with Large Households:

    Sturdy baskets and bags with good grips and handles will allow you to bring the laundry from all over to the central washing point easier and more efficiently.

    Expert Tips for Choosing the Perfect Laundry Bag or Basket

    1. Size Matters:

    Consider the size before purchasing, ensuring it's large enough to hold your dirty clothes without occupying excessive space in your room.

    2. Material Quality:

    Our laundry bags and baskets are made from durable materials designed to withstand regular use, ensuring they last for years.

    3. Design:

    Select a laundry bag or basket that matches your taste and complements your room decor.

    4. Portability:

    Easy to carry, our laundry bags and baskets are perfect for those always on the move. Consider portability when choosing your ideal laundry solution.

    Customer Reviews

    Tatay BAOBAB 40L Laundry Basket (Taupe)

    "Love the simplistic & classy design, seems durable but have to observe. Hope there will be a bigger capacity in the future though." - i*****n

    Joseph Joseph Tota 90L Laundry Separation Basket - Grey

    "Have been finding a suitable laundry sorting basket of the right size. This fits perfectly, large volume, the storage bag is washable, and I can sort my whites from colored clothing." - pmanda

    Tatay Linen Basket MILLENIUM (White)

    "Thanks, Seller, for the prompt delivery and response. 2nd laundry bin of the same kind. Bin volume matches washer volume, so it's easy to wash a full load. The bin came securely wrapped and with bubble wrap too. I like the compact design. Thanks, Seller. Highly recommended." - w*****p

    Tatay BAOBAB 40L Laundry Basket (Grey)

    "Been looking for a laundry basket without holes as my dog will pee on my basket when he's angry. This can protect my clothes from his toxic urine!" - c*****9

    Tatay Linen Basket MILLENIUM (Blue)

    "Looks stylish, nice colors. Its smooth surface is nice to touch & doesn't trap dust👍" - s*****m

    Featured Products

    Tatay Linen Basket MILLENIUM

    • Made of high-quality Polypropylene
    • 60L volume
    • Imported from Spain
    • Built-in lid
    • Ventilation holes for improved air circulation
    • Dimensions: 42 x 35.5 x 64 (cm)

    Tatay BAOBAB 40L Laundry Basket

    • Made of high-quality, BPA-free Polypropylene
    • 40L volume
    • Ergonomic and convenient side handles
    • Includes matching lid
    • Made in Spain
    • Dimension 33 x 41 x 50cm

    Joseph Joseph Tota 90L Laundry Separation Basket

    • Dual 45-litre compartments for easy separation of fabrics
    • Removable tote bags with easy carry handles
    • Helper handle on the base of bags make emptying easy
    • Fast return bags self-locate back into basket
    • Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, or utility rooms
    • Comes flat packed with full assembly instructions

    Organise Your Dirty Clothes in Style

    Our fashionable collection of laundry bags and baskets will revolutionise your laundry routine today. Crafted from premium and durable materials, these products keep your dirty clothes organised elegantly while simplifying your laundry chores.

    Whether you're a busy professional, a college student, a stay-at-home parent, or you stay in a large household, our laundry bags and baskets cater to your unique needs and preferences. Choose from our diverse range of shapes and designs to inject a touch of elegance into your room while keeping your floor free of dirty clothes.

    Transform Your Laundry Experience with Quality Laundry Baskets

    Our stylish laundry bags and baskets are designed to make laundry a breeze, no matter your lifestyle. With the elegance and sturdiness of our laundry, our products are sure to help you turn your laundry chores turn into a simple process.

    Experience the Convenience Today!

    Upgrade your laundry game with our stylish and functional laundry bags and baskets. Keep your dirty clothes organised and easily transportable to the laundry room while adding a touch of elegance to your living space. Order now and enjoy the convenience, durability, and style, all delivered with fast and free shipping anywhere in Singapore!

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