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30 products

    30 products

    Discover Top-Quality Brooms and Dusters from Leading Brands

    Keeping your living spaces impeccably clean is a breeze with our collection of brooms and dusters ranging from the affordable brands to the quality brands. We proudly present a range of high-quality cleaning tools from reputable brands, including Leifheit, OXO, Mery, and E-Cloth. Let's delve into the world of brooms and dusters, each designed to elevate your cleaning experience.

    Trust in Trusted Brands

    Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our selection of trusted brands, known for their reliability and performance.

    Leifheit: Unparalleled German Precision

    Discover brooms and dusters crafted with unparalleled German precision. Leifheit's commitment to quality ensures you get cleaning tools that are not only efficient but also built to last.

    OXO: Innovative Cleaning Solutions

    Explore innovative cleaning solutions from OXO, designed to simplify your cleaning routine. With ergonomic designs and smart features, OXO's brooms and dusters offer a modern and efficient approach to cleanliness.

    Mery: A Tradition of Excellence

    For a tradition of excellence, turn to Mery. Our Mery collection boasts brooms and dusters that combine timeless design with durable materials, providing you with cleaning tools you can rely on.

    E-Cloth: Sustainable Cleaning Power

    Elevate your cleaning game with E-Cloth's sustainable cleaning power. These brooms and dusters not only deliver exceptional results but also contribute to a more eco-friendly approach to cleaning.

    Versatile Cleaning Tools for Every Need

    Our collection of brooms and dusters caters to various cleaning needs, ensuring you find the perfect tool for any task.

    1.     Brooms: Efficient Dust and Dirt Removal

      • Sweep away dust and dirt effortlessly with our range of brooms. Perfect for reaching tight corners and tricky spaces, these brooms guarantee a thorough clean.

    2.     Dusters: Precision Stain Removal

      • Tackle stains and delicate surfaces with precision using our selection of dusters. From upholstery to countertops, these tools are crafted for effective and gentle cleaning.

    Tailored Solutions for Different Lifestyles

    Whether you're a busy parent, a pet owner, an office manager, or a janitor maintaining public spaces, our brooms and dusters offer tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

    1.     Parents: Clean up Made Easy

      • Our brooms and dusters are designed with ergonomic features, making cleaning up after playtime or mealtimes a breeze for parents.

    2.     Pet Owners: Fur-Free Homes

      • Eliminate pet hair efficiently with brooms and dusters designed to keep your home clean and pet-friendly.

    3.     Office Managers: Professional Cleanliness

      • Maintain a professional work environment with efficient brooms and dusters designed for office spaces.

    4.     Janitors: Public Space Maintenance

      • Ensure cleanliness in public spaces with our reliable brooms and dusters, perfect for janitorial duties.

    Tips for Smart Purchases

    Before making a purchase, consider these valuable tips to ensure you get the most out of your cleaning tools:

    1.     Surface Compatibility:

      • Choose tools suitable for the surfaces you'll be cleaning.

    2.     Material Durability:

      • Look for durable materials that withstand frequent use.

    3.     Size and Weight:

      • Consider the size and weight for comfortable use during extended cleaning sessions.

    4.     Handle Comfort:

      • Opt for ergonomic handles with a comfortable grip for an enjoyable cleaning experience.

    5.     Special Features:

      • Explore tools with additional features like extendable handles or interchangeable heads for enhanced functionality.

    6.     User Reviews:

      • Read customer reviews to gain insights into product quality and effectiveness.

    Elevate Your Cleaning Experience

    At Modern Home, we’re committed to quality, and hold our own quality assurance tests to ensure that the brands we sell are able to keep up to the quality we believe in delivering to our customers.

    Transform your cleaning routine with top-tier brooms and dusters from Leifheit, OXO, Mery, and E-Cloth. Experience the convenience and satisfaction of a clean living or working environment. Don't let dirt and dust take over – choose from our premium collection today!

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