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    26 products

    Discover the Ultimate Ironing Experience with Our Premium Ironing Boards

    Ironing clothes has never been easier with our curated selection of high-quality ironing boards and laundry accessories. At Modern Home, we bring you top-notch options from renowned brands such as Leifheit, Rene, Rayen, and Joseph Joseph. Each ironing board is meticulously crafted to ensure durability, stability, and optimal functionality for all your ironing needs.

    Experience Optimal Functionality and Stunning Design

    Our ironing boards seamlessly blend functionality with visually appealing designs. Choose from our foldable, non-slip boards, available in various colours, sizes, and styles to match your preferences. Upgrade to our stable and space-saving ironing boards, bidding farewell to the struggles of ironing with bulky and unstable alternatives.

    Meet the Needs of Various Customer Personas

    For Busy Professionals

    Save time and effort without compromising on the quality of your ironing. Our ironing boards are the perfect solution for every busy professional who wants to look presentable effortlessly.

    For Parents

    Make ironing less of a chore and spend more time with your family. Our ironing boards are designed to make your ironing tasks easier, allowing you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

    For Students

    Living in small apartments or dormitories? Our foldable ironing boards are perfect for students, providing space-saving solutions without compromising on quality.

    For Fashionistas

    Passionate about fashion and precision? Our high-quality ironing boards help you achieve the perfect look for your outfits, ensuring they always look their best.

    For Environmentalists

    Choose our eco-friendly ironing boards to reduce your carbon footprint. Contribute to a better world while enjoying the benefits of our reliable and environmentally conscious products.

    Expert Tips and Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Ironing Board

    Choosing the right ironing board is crucial for hassle-free ironing. Consider the following tips:

    Size Matters:

    Ensure the board fits your space and accommodates the types of clothes you'll be ironing.

    Material Quality:

    Our boards from Leifheit, Rene, Rayen, and Joseph Joseph are made from high-quality materials built to withstand the heat and pressure of ironing.


    Enjoy safe and comfortable ironing with our stable and non-slip boards.


    Easily store and transport our foldable ironing boards, especially if you have limited space.

    Additional Features:

    Explore boards, including those from Leifheit, Rene, Rayen, and Joseph Joseph, with adjustable height, steam irons, laundry hangers, and more to enhance your ironing experience.

    Customer Reviews

    Rene Ironing Board Classic

    "The sizing is exactly what I want. Feel good and not too heavy. Bought padding mistakenly as an ironing board cover. Guess it will come in handy later." - llchng

    Rayen Sleeve Ironing Board

    "Item received in good condition. Quality is quite good. Sturdy and ironing surface is smooth. Will definitely make ironing sleeves a breeze now." - jennpillay

    Leifheit Airboard Compact Table

    "Took about a week for the board to arrive. Didn’t expect it to be so light, more like a float than an ironing board. Very convenient and easy for storage, build is good too." - cheonge

    Joseph Joseph Pocket Plus Folding Ironing Board with Advanced Cover

    "Package was shrink-wrapped to ensure no damage during delivery. Item is compact and seems of good quality." - jysun2006

    Leifheit Ironing Board Airboard Compact

    "Sturdy yet sleek! It’s important to invest in a good ironing board! The delivery was prompt and it was wrapped in 3 layers of plastic protection!" - littlemissmabes

    Upgrade Your Ironing Experience Today!

    Ready to upgrade your ironing experience? Choose from our wide selection of high-quality ironing boards and laundry accessories featuring renowned brands like Leifheit, Rene, Rayen, and Joseph Joseph. Enjoy fast and free shipping anywhere in Singapore! Don't wait any longer to achieve a professional-looking finish with ease and comfort. Order now and make ironing a breeze!


    Q1: Are your ironing boards suitable for heavy-duty tasks?

    A1: Yes, our ironing boards are expertly crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability for heavy-duty laundry ironing tasks.

    Q2: Do you offer eco-friendly options?

    A2: Absolutely! Our ironing boards are crafted from eco-friendly materials, providing environmentally conscious options for our customers.

    Q3: Can I find ironing boards suitable for small spaces?

    A3: Certainly! Our foldable and space-saving ironing boards are perfect for small apartments or dormitories.

    Q4: What additional features do your ironing boards have?

    A4: Explore our boards with adjustable height, steam irons, laundry hangers, and more to enhance your ironing experience.

    Q5: Are replacement covers available for your ironing boards?

    A5: Yes, we offer replacement covers for our ironing boards, ensuring that your ironing surface stays in optimal condition.

    Q6: Can I adjust the height of your ironing boards?

    A6: Certainly! Many of our ironing boards come with adjustable height features to cater to your comfort.

    Q7: Do you provide a warranty for your ironing boards?

    A7: Yes, our ironing boards come with manufacturer warranties, providing you peace of mind and assurance in the quality of our products.

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