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    Kitchen Tools

    The tools in our kitchen are a much overlooked component in our lives but they can make our lives way easier. Invest in quality kitchen tools and get the freedom to enjoy cooking any recipe that comes your way. We offer a wide range of modern and innovative kitchen tools that help to augment your lifestyle and daily habits.

    At Modern Home, you can trust that the brands we bring in are of the finest quality at affordable prices with great style to boot. Besides, every item in our collections is safe for daily use and is designed to simplify your cooking tasks. Add any of these kitchen tools to your arsenal and help make your cooking experience an ease.

    Kitchen Scales:

    Our kitchen scales ensure precise measurements, making your recipes a success every time. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner, these scales for weighing guarantee consistent flavours in your culinary creations.

    Alex, Home Chef

    Meet Alex, a home chef who loves experimenting with new recipes. New recipes often don’t turn out well the first time especially when putting in the wrong proportions of ingredients. On a Sunday afternoon, he decided to bake a simple homemade apple pie for his family. Using a precise kitchen scale, he carefully measured the flour, sugar, and spices. He enjoyed the aroma of the freshly baked pie filling his kitchen. As his family praised his pie, it disappeared within minutes, leaving everyone with smiles and warm memories.

    As Dan Lepard (Australian baker, chef & food writer) mentioned: "Electronic 1g kitchen scalesthey're as essential for me as your iPhone is for you"

    Read more in our detailed guide: Shop Kitchen Scale: How to Choose or find out which are the Best Kitchen Scales in Singapore here.

    Use Cases for Kitchen Scales:

    1. Ingredient Measurement: Precisely measure ingredients like flour, sugar, and spices for baking and cooking. This ensures accurate results and consistent flavours.

    2. Baking: Weighing ingredients like flour and sugar is essential for baking. It ensures your cakes and pies turn out just as you intended.


    Among the kitchen tools, kettles are deemed as a sort of necessity. While traditionally associated with tea and coffee, kettles have slowly evolved into culinary masterpieces. 

    Why Kettles Matter:

    Kettles play a pivotal role in the kitchen's efficiency, their ability to rapidly boil water has made them a blessing in the kitchen. The modern electric kettle, with its convenience and speed, can be used to boil water for the pots or even function as a soup pot itself.

    James: Soup Lover

    Meet James, a soup lover who sees his kettle as more than just a tea companion. For him, the kettle is a quick way to make soup without waiting for a large pot to boil. James loves experimenting with soup recipes, and the kettle's rapid boiling feature is his secret weapon for transforming simple ingredients into a steaming bowl of comfort.

    With a kettle, the quick boil function not only speeds up his soup-making process but also saves energy compared to traditional gas stove methods. The automatic shut-off feature also ensures safety, allowing James to multitask in the kitchen and let the soup slowly boil.

    Choosing the Right Kettle:

    Choosing the right kettle is a balance of functionality and design. Considerations like capacity, ease of use, and material are essential. Other features like the automatic shut-off feature, whistling spout and timer modes are also much desired features.

    Use Cases for Kettles:

    1. Quick to Boil: Getting hot water quick makes it easy to make your favourite drinks like coffee, tea, milo and more 

    2. Food Prep: Need boiling water for pasta? The kettle's speed makes it an efficient tool for quickly getting water to a boil before adding it to the pot.

    3. Instant Ingredients: From rehydrating dried mushrooms to preparing couscous, a kettle is a handy appliance for tasks that utilises hot water in an instant.

    4. Beverage: Other drinks can also be made like hot chocolate, herbal infusions, and more. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for diverse hot beverages.

    5. Soup: Certain models of kettles are also able to cook soup directly within, making it easier to cook and clean.


    The toaster might not exactly be the most popular device, but it takes centre stage during breakfast. After all, It holds the important task of changing a normal piece of bread into a supercharged piece of browned toast.

    Why Toasters Matter:

    Starting the day is one of the most important events daily, as it affects how good or bad we feel about our day. For many, the day begins with the familiar ping of the toaster, producing delicious crispy goodness for the day ahead. Starting the day right gives you energy to face any issues.

    Meet Jasmine: The Toast Enthusiast:

    Meet Jasmine, an avid toast enthusiast who believes in the power of a well-toasted slice to kickstart her day. Jasmine's toaster isn't a special breakfast appliance; it's the same kind of toasters you all get. But she chooses to experiment with various bread types, toppings, and toasting levels.

    With a toaster, Jasmine can experiment on whether it's a classic slice of whole-grain bread or a bagel with a generous spread of cream cheese, her toaster accommodates different bread sizes and thicknesses. The adjustable browning settings allow her to customise each slice to perfection.

    Choosing the Right Toaster:

    When it comes to choosing a toaster, considerations like number of slots, verticle/horizontal design, and durability are essential. Other features like easy-to-clean, defrosting and reheating options are also much desired features.

    Use Cases for Toasters:

    1. Toast: From avocado toasts to artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches, toasters can toast a diverse range of breakfast delights.

    2. Heater: Need something to be heated up? The toaster can heat things up simply in a matter of minutes.


    In the heart of every kitchen should be a steamer, offering a healthy and efficient way to prepare meals. Whether you're a culinary expert or someone who values nutritious, flavourful food, a steamer is an essential kitchen appliance.

    How are Steamers useful:

    Steamers provide a simple and efficient cooking method that preserves the nutritional value of your food. Unlike boiling or frying, steaming retains the highest amount of vitamins and minerals that might be lost through other cooking techniques. This makes steamers an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals.

    Imagine a busy weeknight. With a steamer, you can have a wholesome dinner ready in without having to be actively cooking. From meat and vegetables to fish, steamers offer the versatility in being able to prepare a wide array of dishes at the same time without compromising on taste or nutrition.

    Sarah, Working Professional

    Meet Sarah, a working professional with a passion for fitness and good food. Her busy schedule made her get used to having takeouts and always having dinner dabao-ed. But outside food is generally unhealthy and Sarah wants something more healthy.

    Sarah discovers how easy it is to throw together a nutritious dinner using a multi layer steamer. Whether it's a colourful medley of vegetables and carrots or a perfectly steamed piece of fish, Sarah's steamer has become her go-to kitchen companion allowing her to cook several healthy dishes at once.

    Choosing the Right Steamer:

    When it comes to choosing a steamer, considerations like capacity, ease of use, and cleaning are essential. Other features like easy-to-clean, stackable trays, and a straightforward interface are also much desired features.

    Not all steamers are created equal. Some are designed for compact spaces, ideal for individuals with smaller kitchens. Others are designed with multiple tiers, catering to those who love to prepare more complex multi-course meals.

    Use Cases for Steamers:

    1. Vegetables: Steamers excel at bringing out the vibrant colours and flavours of vegetables. From broccoli to carrots, steaming enhances the natural goodness of your greens and keeps most of the nutritions intact.

    2. Proteins: Fish, chicken, and even tofu – steamers cook proteins evenly. The gentle cooking method ensures your proteins stay tender and juicy.

    3. Grains: Steamers are even amazing at effortlessly cooking grains like rice and quinoa. They result in a light and fluffy version as compared to boiled rice using a rice cooker.

    4. One Meal Wonder: Some steamers come with additional features, allowing you to cook entire meals in one kitchen device. With multiple tiers you could easily cook a three course meal at the same time.

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