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    The Perfect Home Ladder

    Welcome to our Step Ladder collection, where you can find the best ladders for your home needs.

    Whether you live in a condominium, HDB, or a private landed property, we have the perfect step ladder to help you tackle household tasks with ease and safety.

    Ladders: The Home Essential

    Reach High Shelves:

    Tired of straining to reach those top shelves in your kitchen cabinets? Easily access kitchen cabinets and top shelves.

    Clean with Confidence:

    Cleaning hard-to-reach areas can be a challenge, like dusting ceiling fans or cleaning windows. Do these with stability and support.

    Change Bulbs Effortlessly:

    When a light bulb burns out, it's often an inconvenience to replace it. Safely replace light bulbs in high ceiling fixtures.

    Home Improvement Project:

    From painting walls to hanging decorations. Home improvement tasks at different heights have never been made easier.



    Short and Compact:

    Step ladders for condominiums and HDBs are specifically designed with limited space in mind.

    We understand the challenges of living in smaller homes. Our step ladders are compact in size, allowing them to fit easily into closets, or under your bed.

    Lightweight and Portable:

    Moving around in a condominium or HDB requires agility and flexibility. Our step ladders are made light, making them easy to carry around your home.

    You can effortlessly transport the ladder from room to room, reaching those high shelves or accessing tight corners without any hassle.


    Extended Reach:

    Private landed properties have high ceilings. Our step ladders are designed to access those high areas.

    Whether it's changing light fixtures, cleaning windows, or reaching tall cabinets, our step ladders will allow you to tackle these tasks with ease.

    Sturdy and Secure:

    Safety is paramount when working at heights. We understand the importance of providing you with a step ladder that you can trust.

    Our step ladders for private landed properties are built with reinforced joints. They are equipped with secure locking mechanisms and non-slip steps.

    About HAILO

    Since its establishment in 1947, HAILO has earned a trusted reputation as a trusted manufacturer of step stools, step ladders, and waste receptacles.

    HAILO's commitment to innovation, safety, and convenience has garnered recognition from homeowners and professionals, solidifying their position as a reliable and customer-focused brand.

    HDB/Condo Ladders

    Recommended: 5 Step Ladder for a good mix of versatility and space

    Landed Property Ladders

    Recommended: 8 Step Ladder for a good mix of reach and stability


    What is Modern Home?

    Modern Home is our very own Singapore online departmental store that aims to feature only products of high quality and with great value. We believe everyone deserves to have a home they can call their own with the design and quality to go with it. Therefore we also provide Modern Care, our guarantee that the products featured by us will work with an additional 6 months warranty provided for all products by our own in house engineering team.

    What is HAILO?

    Since its establishment in 1947, HAILO is a Germany brand that has earned a trusted reputation as a trusted manufacturer of step stools, step ladders, and waste receptacles. HAILO's commitment to innovation, safety, and convenience has garnered recognition from homeowners and professionals, solidifying their position as a reliable and customer-focused brand.

    Why choose HAILO?

    HAILO has attained multiple outstanding awards that help to prove the standard of quality that HAILO upholds itself to.

    • Brands of the Century 2019 - German Standards
    • German Brand Award 2021 Winner
    • Digital Champions Award 2021
    • The Major German Brands 2021
    • Ecovadis Silver Sustainable Rating 2022

    Is the step ladder safe to use?

    Safety is our top priority. Our step ladder is built with sturdy construction and features anti-slip steps and a stable base to ensure your safety during use.

    Where should I store my stepladder?

    Our step ladder is designed with a compact and foldable design, making it easy to store in tight spaces like storerooms.

    How do I use a step ladder?

    Our step ladders are designed for easy and intuitive use. They also come with clear instructions and safety guidelines to ensure anyone can confidently use them, even if it's their first time.

    Is the step ladder worth it?

    We offer a range of step ladders to fit different budgets without compromising on quality. Our products provide excellent value for money.

    Will I need a step ladder?

    Step ladders are versatile tools that come in handy for various tasks around the home, such as reaching high shelves, changing light bulbs, and cleaning. It's a convenient addition to your household essentials.

    Other Use Cases

    DIY Enthusiasts: Your Best Friend in Home Improvement!

    For those passionate about home projects, ladders are indispensable. Whether painting, changing light bulbs, or decorating, a ladder is the key to accessing hard-to-reach spots.

    Painters & Decorators: Elevate Your Craft with Ladders!

    Whether a professional or a DIY devotee, ladders are necessary for completing tasks. Reach towering walls and ceilings effortlessly to revamp your home or business.

    Homeowners: Simplify Household Tasks with Ladders!

    For homeowners, ladders are vital for various tasks. From clearing gutters to accessing high shelves, a ladder simplifies and secures household chores.

    Gardeners: Cultivate New Heights in Your Garden!

    Gardening enthusiasts find ladders indispensable. Whether pruning trees, harvesting, or admiring handiwork, a ladder assists in reaching new heights in the garden.

    Maintenance Workers: Your Essential Companion for Peak Condition!

    Maintenance workers must-have ladders for tasks like replacing bulbs, cleaning gutters, and routine checks. Ladders easily access elevated areas, ensuring homes or businesses remain in peak condition.

    Soar to New Heights: The Ultimate Guide for Every Task!

    Whether a DIY enthusiast, painter, homeowner, gardener, or maintenance worker, ladders are fundamental for accomplishing tasks. Experience the difference a reliable and safe ladder can make in your life, keeping hard-to-reach areas open to you.

    Selecting the Perfect DIY Ladder:

    Choosing the ideal ladder is crucial. Contemplate tasks, required height, weight capacity, and stability. Consider Modern Home collection of ladders as the ultimate solution, offering a range of sizes and heights for home and business needs. Rely on Modern Home collection of ladders for a durable, high-quality, and secure solution for all your tasks.

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