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Slim Round Box BLue

LEIFHEIT Fresh&Slim Storage Box Round (0.3L) Blue L31224

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Plastic containers from our range come in different sizes and shapes. Using modern materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, food storage containers maintain and provide the necessary freshness of food, characterised by durability and durability.

Fresh & Slim containers, as they are called because of their characteristics, are made of quality plastic according to world standards and thanks to chemical properties that are harmless to health, they will surely find their application and place in the household.

They are suitable for a variety of purposes, such as storing food in the refrigerator or freezer, for storing sandwiches or salads for the outdoors, and with the help of an airtight seal, provide additional security.

High-quality plastic boxes are a nice addition to any kitchen shelf, enhancing the décor of the kitchen and giving it additional functionality while preventing the mixing of different food scents.


- BPA free

- 100% watertight seals

- Freezer and dishwasher safe

- Collapsible - can be compacted into a slim form for easy storage


Brand Given Warranty: 1 year 

Modern Home Warranty: 6 Month

Total Warranty: 1 Year 6 Month

Modern Home only covers brand manufacturing defects. This warranty is only applicable for the item purchased in ModernHome online stores.