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Ironing Board Airsteam

LEIFHEIT Ironing Board Airsteam Compact M L72587

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The Leifheit Air Board Express M Compact is significantly lighter than traditional ironing boards and perfectly suited for use with a steam iron generator. Its ironing board cover, made from perforated cotton, is highly steam-permeable and allows the steam from the iron through to guarantee absorption of moisture. The ironing board's surface is made from an ultra-light special plastic, which makes opening, closing and moving the board even easier. This makes the Air Board Express M Compact lighter than any traditional ironing board made from expanded metal. The 120 x 38 cm ironing surface rests on a completely stable frame which can, in addition, stabilise on uneven floors Height-adjustable, the board can be raised to a maximum working height of 95 cm. The ironing board is equipped with a strong, fixed metal tray suitable for holding all steam iron generators up to 29 x 38 cm in size and, in addition, offers a secure angled rest holder for conventional irons within the tray. It includes a cable flex holder to stop power cables getting in the way of your ironing.


- Ideal for steam iron generator use

- Cover made from pure perforated cotton for optimum steam penetration

- Ultra-light ironing surface made from special plastic, measuring 120 x 38 cm

- Fixed iron rest with cable holder

- Height adjustable up to 95 cm

- Stable frame with lock and flexible mechanism to compensate for uneven floors


Brand Given Warranty: 1 year 

Modern Home Warranty: 6 Month

Total Warranty: 1 Year 6 Month

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