LEIFHEIT Clean Twist Disc Mop Active L56793

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  • Mop with patented rotating mechanism built directly into the handle can be spun to different moisture levels suitable to the floor type
  • Comfortable single-handed operation; no bending down, no hands in dirty water, minimum effort needed
  • Water and dirt are spun out of the mop with minimal effort with the handle rotation
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A mop that cleans every floor perfectly, whether wet or merely damp. The mop has a rotating mechanism in the handle which you can control the mop’s moisture content, solely by movement of the handle.

Simply place the microfibre mop head inside the tumbler, press down gently and the dirt is spun off into the bucket along with the water.

Press and rotate four times for tiles, six times for wood, parquet or laminate. The Clean Twist Disc Mop Active’s rotating mechanism can be operated using just one hand. Thanks to its standing function, it can be stored anywhere with no need to lean against. To ensure the fibres can reach dirt under low furniture and in hard-to-reach corners, the mop’s head is able to swivel up to 180°. Leifheit has also designed the mop to be back-friendly. The Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop Active is available as a handy set complete with mop and telescopic handle, tumbler and 15 litre bucket with spout. The microfibre mop head is easily replaceable and washable at 60°C.

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