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    38 products

    Chilewich, a design brand deeply rooted in the bustling metropolis of New York City, is under the visionary leadership of Creative Director Sandy Chilewich. Their innovative collections skillfully merge artistry with functionality, capturing a diverse global audience who value impeccable design.

    Renowned for their range of products, including Chilewich big mats, floor mats, door mats, and table mats, the brand has set the gold standard in creative design. Notably, Chilewich's commitment to sustainability is seen in textiles with a significant 18% renewable vegetable content, all proudly manufactured in the USA.

    Since its inception in 2000, Chilewich has redefined the landscape of home decor and commercial design. Their pioneering use of extruded yarns and vinyl has transformed the world of placemats and table settings. The Contract division, dedicated to commercial spaces, presents a broad selection of forward-thinking products.

    With a global presence spanning 110 countries, Chilewich remains an influential design brand, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, weaving artistic patterns, and enhancing interiors with an array of captivating colours. At Chilewich, artistic flair meets practicality, delivering beautiful and sustainable solutions to homes and businesses alike.

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