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    66 products

    NeXtime, the epitome of Dutch design excellence, crafts innovative and functional timepieces that redefine the way we experience time. With a storied history spanning over half a century, NeXtime has cultivated an unwavering commitment to detail, and their core values include passion, creativity, fun, caring, and uncompromised quality.

    Rooted in Dutch design, NeXtime's products showcase the essence of minimalistic sophistication. Originally known as Alma in 1970, where handcrafted mechanical clocks were their forte, the brand has undergone a remarkable evolution to become a contemporary timepiece designer. Throughout this transformation, they have remained faithful to their core values of passion, creativity, quality, and heritage.

    NeXtime's global footprint is a testament to their enduring partnerships, ensuring that their timepieces reach interiors across the world. Whether you're seeking a designer clock, wall clock, wooden clock, or a big clock, NeXtime offers brand collections that harmoniously blend Dutch design excellence with unrivaled functionality. Trust in NeXtime to not only keep time but elevate your living space with timeless style.

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