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    81 products

    Stanley Rogers, a celebrated name in the world of cutlery and kitchenware, has upheld a legacy of quality and timeless elegance for over nine decades. As Australia's premier cutlery brand, their dedication to superior craftsmanship has consistently set the standard in the industry. The journey began back in 1930 when Stanley Rogers himself opened a modest retail store in Melbourne.

    Since then, Stanley Rogers' unwavering commitment to excellence has defined their reputation. They are highly regarded for their precision in crafting cutlery, personalized quality control, and the use of top-tier materials. In the present day, this commitment to quality endures as they pay homage to Stanley's enduring style. Stanley Rogers offers an extensive array of premium dining and kitchenware products, from elegant cutlery sets and knives to professional frypans and saucepans, ensuring that their legacy of excellence continues to shine.

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