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    110 products

    Tala, a renowned kitchenware brand with a rich history dating back to 1899, has been a trusted supplier of baking and cake decorating equipment for over a century. Originally known as Taylor Law & Co Ltd, the company emerged to meet the growing demand for kitchenware and cookware in Victorian Britain. Through both world wars, Tala continued its legacy of providing essential baking and cooking products.

    In the post-war decades of the 1950s and 60s, as the importance of home cooking and baking gained prominence, Tala introduced "Matched Colourware," a coordinated kitchenware collection. This period marked the brand's expansion and relocation due to increasing demand.

    Despite a brief decline in the 1970s, Tala experienced a revival in the 2000s, emphasising the importance of manufacturing in the UK and catering to a renewed interest in homemade cooking and high-quality kitchenware. Today, Tala is a beloved British kitchenware brand renowned for its baking and cake decorating products, proudly crafting many of its items in the UK using traditional methods, resulting in enduring products passed down through generations.

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