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Dryer Pegasus 160

LEIFHEIT Dryer Pegasus 160 L81711

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Due to the large amount of space it can accommodate, it can be used to hang trousers without touching the floor. Suitable to use in indoors and outdoors, with 16m worth of drying length in total. The Leifheit Dryer Pegasus has the ability to support a heavy weight and it is coated with high-quality stainless steel powder. Due to the large amount of space that it can accommodate, it can be used to dry larger laundry items such as trousers and trousers. The most sought after benefit of the Pegasus is that it combines portability with a sturdy design. In addition, it is rust proof, meaning you can use this dryer both indoors and outdoors!


- Supports heavy weight

- 16m drying length

- Wing-type dryer, 107cm high

- Parallel feet and robust quality

- High-quality stainless steel powder coating

- Space for approximately 1.5 washing machine loads

- Suitable for even larger laundry items like shirts or trousers

- Easy to carry, fits smoothly through doors

- Sturdy, high-quality dryer

- Rustproof - for use indoors and outdoors

- Dimension: (96cm-174cm)(L) x 54cm(W) x (89cm - 107cm)(H)


Brand Given Warranty: 1 year 

Modern Home Warranty: 6 Month

Total Warranty: 1 Year 6 Month

Modern Home only covers brand manufacturing defects. This warranty is only applicable for the item purchased in ModernHome online stores.