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    99 products

    Zwiesel Glas is a brand distinguished by its exceptional Tritan® crystal glass, known for its unmistakable sound, the Zwiesel note. But their charm extends beyond the realm of acoustics, making them a stalwart eco-conscious brand that's committed to sustainable practices. By prioritising locally sourced materials and emphasizing environmental responsibility, Zwiesel has become a beacon of conscientiousness in the glassware industry.

    What sets Zwiesel apart is the art of creating extraordinary moments. Drawing inspiration from global cultures, their glassware graces homes and tables with an international touch. With each glass, they offer more than just quality; they deliver a remarkable experience, underlining a dedication to excellence in every aspect of their craft.

    From wine glasses and champagne flutes to decanters, carafes, and goblets, Zwiesel offer a wide array of Tritan® crystal glass products, each with qualities like brilliance, break resistance, and dishwasher durability, ensuring they stand the test of time. The ISO 14001 certification further attests to their unwavering commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

    Explore the world of Zwiesel and discover their exceptional Tritan® crystal glassware. Embrace the Zwiesel note in every pour, celebrating not only the art of glass but also the commitment to eco-conscious excellence. Cheers to brilliance, sustainability, and unforgettable moments.

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