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Cookware - Berghoff

Your normal nonstick cookware is not just bad for the environment but it's also bad for you. Most nonstick coatings contain PFAS which is potentially harmful to your body.

Berghoff uses ceramic coating that contains neither PFAS or PTFE and isn't harmful to you. Furthermore, Berghoff also uses at least 20% of recycled materials in their plastic products and 90% of recycled materials in their metal cookwares.

Kitchen Accessories - OXO

OXO is a brand that has been committed to making every day better, and has been consistently funding environmental projects.

Start funding green initiatives by switching to OXO that produce quality and affordable kitchen accessories!

OXO 34491 (5)

Stainless Steel Flexible Turner

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Food Contrainers - Cuitisan

Cuitisan has been committed in producing long lasting food storage containers that can be reused for various applications from heating in the microwave to storing in the freezer.

Switch to using long lasting stainless steel containers that can last you for years so that you know you're reducing the number of container you'd use over your lifespan.

Flora Rectangle Container

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Handy Rectangle Container

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Flora Round Container

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Lunch Box - Sistema

Sistema has been pushing for using ocean bound plastics in their products as an effort to help clean up the environment. Their ROBP lineup features products made from Recyled Ocean Bound Plastics!

Support brands who are putting in effort in initiatives that help the environment!

Bento Style Box with Yogurt Pot

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Stackable Breakfast Box

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Shopping Trolley - Rolser

Whilst keeping prices affordable and maintaining a high level of quality with a well designed product that is easy to use, Rolser has been growing even more sustainable!

Rolser doesn't just support green initiatives, they also act on it:
- Reduced single-use plastics in packaging by 22%
- Increased proportion of trolleys with recycled fabric bags by 25%
- 100% of the cardboard in Rolser packaging is from recycled sources
- 55% of the plastic materials used in the Rolser products are from recycled origin

Baby Joy Shopping Trolley

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Tweed Shopping Trolley

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Plegamatic Shopping Trolley

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Cleaning Cloth - E-Cloth

Using detergent and other cleaning agents isn't the best way to keep your house clean and is actually harmful to the environment!

E-Cloth came up with a game changer that can increase your ease of cleaning as well as reduce the amount of cleaning agents used! Talk about killing 2 dirts with 1 cloth!

Using just water and an E-Cloth, you'd be able to keep your house clean. That's E-Cloth's promise to you in making it easy and hassle free to keep your house and the environment a better place to live in.

General Cleaning Cloth

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Glass & Polishing Cloth

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