Joseph Joseph Glide Easy-store Ironing Board Grey

Joseph Joseph Glide Easy-store Ironing Board Grey

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The finer details

This revolutionary, full-size ironing board features a unique stand design that makes it more compact when stored than other conventional ironing boards.

  • Compact¬¨‚Ćand¬¨‚Ćslimline¬¨‚Ćwhen¬¨‚Ćfolded
  • Fast,¬¨‚Ćeasy¬¨‚Ćset-up¬¨‚Ćand¬¨‚Ćadjustable¬¨‚Ćto¬¨‚Ćseven¬¨‚Ćheight¬¨‚Ćpositions¬¨‚Ćfrom¬¨‚Ć84cm¬¨‚Ć(33¬¨‚Ćinches)¬¨‚Ćto¬¨‚Ća¬¨‚Ćmaximum¬¨‚Ćof¬¨‚Ć99cm¬¨‚Ć(39¬¨‚Ćinches)
  • Heat-resistant¬¨‚Ćsilicone¬¨‚Ćiron¬¨‚Ćrest¬¨‚Ćintegrated¬¨‚Ćinto¬¨‚Ćcover
  • Separate¬¨‚Ćhanging¬¨‚Ćhook¬¨‚Ćincluded¬¨‚Ćfor¬¨‚Ćeasy¬¨‚Ćstorage
  • Easy-change¬¨‚Ćcover¬¨‚Ćwith¬¨‚Ćcord¬¨‚Ćtoggle



Care & use:

  • Cover¬¨‚Ć-¬¨‚Ćwipe¬¨‚Ćclean¬¨‚Ćonly,¬¨‚Ćdo¬¨‚Ćnot¬¨‚Ćmachine¬¨‚Ćwash
  • Frame¬¨‚Ć-¬¨‚Ćwipe¬¨‚Ćclean¬¨‚Ćwith¬¨‚Ća¬¨‚Ćdamp¬¨‚Ćcloth,¬¨‚Ćdo¬¨‚Ćnot¬¨‚Ćuse¬¨‚Ćabrasive¬¨‚Ćcloths¬¨‚Ćor¬¨‚Ćstrong¬¨‚Ćchemical¬¨‚Ćcleaners
  • Caution:¬¨‚ĆDo¬¨‚Ćnot¬¨‚Ćleave¬¨‚Ćhot¬¨‚Ćiron¬¨‚Ćunattended¬¨‚Ćon¬¨‚Ćsilicone¬¨‚Ćiron¬¨‚Ćrest
  • Keep¬¨‚Ćchildren¬¨‚Ćaway¬¨‚Ćfrom¬¨‚Ćironing¬¨‚Ćboard¬¨‚Ćwhen¬¨‚Ćin¬¨‚Ćuse¬¨‚Ćand¬¨‚Ćstore¬¨‚Ćsafely¬¨‚Ćafter¬¨‚Ćuse










Fabric Composition:

Cover top layer: 100% Cotton

Felt underlay: 100% Polyester

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