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Kitchen Towel Holder

LEIFHEIT Comfortline Upright Roll Holder L23203

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Four interchangeable inserts for grating, slicing and cutting and they all can be packed into the grater. It is particularly practical. The height adjustable cutting insert to cut every food into two different sizes, whether cucumbers, zucchini, carrots or onions. In addition to the slicer the all-purpose grater has a coarse and fine vegetable grater as well as a potato grater and a finger guard, which leaves no rests and protects the fingertips from injury. Like all Leifheit graters, the all-purpose grater has stainless steel inserts and it is dishwasher-proof. The storing of the inserts inside the grater prevents them from getting lost. The whole grater can be kept space saving.


- Roll holder with special spring tensioning 

- Model : L23203