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All purpose Spray

LEIFHEIT All Purpose Spray (500ml) L41411

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Quick and thorough cleanliness for the household: Leifheit Universal cleaner removes dirt, fat and stains from all smooth and light structured surfaces. Even glass and mirrors become clean in a flash and gleam streak-free. Available in the 500 ml spray bottle, with two dosages fine and coarse for the efficient dosage. With the whole competence for cleaning devices Leifheit offers a series of cleaning agents, which are perfectly coordinated with the special covers.


- High efficient bathroom cleaner with special anti-scale function

- Removes scale and dirt from tiles, fixtures and glass

- With doses fine and coarse

- 500 ml spray bottle with stop-mechanism


Brand Given Warranty: 1 year 

Modern Home Warranty: 6 Month

Total Warranty: 1 Year 6 Month

Modern Home only covers brand manufacturing defects. This warranty is only applicable for the item purchased in ModernHome online stores.