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LEIFHEIT Dryer Classic Siena 180 Easy Japan Householdinium L81151

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The flyweight among the laundry dryers: Leifheit wing-type laundry dryer Siena 180 is as light as a feather and weighs only 2 kg. It can easily be transported to every place where it is needed. The base frame of high quality aluminium is responsible for the low weight. It offers even after years a hygienic drying place for the laundry. With 18 m drying length the wing-type dryer offers space for 2 loads of laundry. The height of the folding elements of 112 cm is suitable for long laundry items.


- Made of high quality aluminium, this laundry dryer is rust-proof, ideal for use both inside and outside

- Its 2kg lightweight frame is easy to lift and move about

- 18-metre drying length provides space for approx. 2 washing machine loads

- Side drying wings at 109 cm high make it ideal to dry longer items of laundry

- Model : L81151


Brand Given Warranty: 1 year 

Modern Home Warranty: 6 Month

Total Warranty: 1 Year 6 Month

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