Marna Sharp Kitchen Scissors (87x200x12mm)

Marna Sharp Kitchen Scissors (87x200x12mm)

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Developed with meat professionals. These kitchen scissors are designed with the comfort of cutting meat in mind. The "thin blade" design makes it easier to do detailed work that was difficult with conventional large kitchen scissors. The "serrated blade" has fine notches on the blade to prevent slippery meat from escaping, and also cuts other ingredients comfortably. It can be disassembled and washed thoroughly for hygienic use.
Material: Blade/Stainless steel, Handle/Thermoplastic elastomer
Heat-resistant temperature: 100°C
Size: Approx. 87 x 200 x 12mm
Do not place near fire or in places with high temperatures.
Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
The blade is extremely sharp, so be careful not to touch it directly.
Do not use if damaged or deformed.
Excessive load may damage the blade. Do not cut hard or thick objects forcibly.
Although it has been treated to be rust-proof, it may cause rust, so please do not leave it with dirt containing salt or acid. Also, do not leave it in contact with dissimilar metal products such as iron or aluminum for a longtime.
Care: Using a scrubbing brush or polishing powder may cause scratches.
Please wash with dishwashing detergent before use.
After use, disassemble, wash, rinse well, drain and dry.
Do not polish the blade.
Keep it assembled.
Because the handle is made of soft material, it may be deformed.
When the movement becomes heavy, please apply salad oil etc. to the joint part.
If you regularly apply oil to the contact surface of the shaft of the scissors, you can keep the movement smooth.
Do not move the blade without cutting anything.

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